We have been conducting driving instructor training courses in Preston since 1985 and have trained hundreds of people to become instructors, many are now running their own driving schools in Preston, Blackpool and Chorley

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Your training to become a driving instructor in Preston is conducted by an experienced trainer called Iain Smith.

Iain has been a driving instructor for over 30 years and has been training people to become instructors since 1985.

He is graded by the DVSA as a Grade 'A' instructor which is the highest grade obtainable from the DVSA. On his recent Standards Check he received the highest marks of 51 out of a total of 51 marks. 

In the past he has undergone six Check Tests (now called Standard Checks) On all these Check Tests he received grade 6 certificates with all sections on the assessments sheets being marked in the highest columns on every test
(all certificates are available for inspection)

He was also on the Ordit Register for nearly 14 years and underwent six bi-annual Ordit inspections all of them were again marked as the highest possible marking. These Ordit inspections were carried out by the Specialist  Examiners from the DVSA. (all Ordit certificates are available for inspection)

On Iain's recent Ordit inspection in 2017 it was again marked at the highest level with his examiner commenting that it was a fantastic inspection. Iain can be found on the Ordit register by going to and then keying in the postcode FY8 4AA

Training is on a 'Pay As You Go' basis at the hourly rate of £30 per hour


At Preston Driving School we train new instructors on a recruitment basis either to work directly under our school name or as an associated instructor. You may have seen lots of adverts in newspapers, magazines or even on television about driving instructor training, however be extremely careful with your choice of training provider as unfortunately some driving schools often make all sorts of claims, offers and promises, these same schools sometime claim that they are one of the fastest growing driving schools in the country. Our advice is to think very carefully before you sign anything or hand over any money. Also read between the lines of any claims and ask searching questions, look for evidence such as genuine testimonials from instructors, ones you can actually verify by calling them yourself, especially the local instructors who are now running their own driving schools in Preston, Blackpool, Chorley and Lancashire.

Your Future
After qualifying as a new driving instructor you may wish to set up your own driving school or maybe join our team of instructors and work under the name of Preston Driving School Ltd or our sister school Students Driving School who now cover most of Lancashire. These options will be explained to you in more detail on your initial interview.

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