Frequently Asked Questions



As a busy driving school in Preston we get asked hundreds of questions about learning to drive, driving lessons, driving tests etc. We have picked out a selection of the more popular questions along with our answers and thoughts. If you have any questions that are not covered below please call us for advice.

To book a driving lesson
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How much are your driving lessons in Preston ?
Please see the page on this website marked 'prices' for the latest prices along with any special offers.


Can I start driving lessons with a Preston driving instructor before I pass my theory test ?
We recommend that you take practical lessons while preparing for your theory test. The combination of practical experience with theoretical learning should help you perform better at your theory test.


Are your Quick Pass Intensive Courses a set price ?
No, the Quick Pass Intensive Courses, which can also be called Fast Pass or Crash Courses are priced on the number of hours that we think you will need to get you up to the required standard to take your test. To begin with you will need to take a Half Price Trial Hour with one of our instructors, at the end of the driving lesson the driving instructor will then be able to give you advice in three ways:

  1. If you are suitable to go on an Intensive Driving Course.
  2. How many hours you are likely to need to reach the required standard.
  3. A training plan usually spread over two to eight weeks.

Can you guarantee that I will pass my test ?
The only two people that can guarantee that you pass your test are you and your examiner and do not let anybody else tell you any different. We often see other driving schools in Preston trying to entice new pupils by stating that they offer a guaranteed pass. Only a very gullible sort of person would believe this, it is impossible for any driving school in Preston to actually guarantee that you will pass your test. What they often mean is that if you pay them enough money in the beginning and then you were unfortunate to fail then they will give you some extra training or pay for your next test, but unfortunately you have already paid for this so called guarantee, therefore if you were to pass first time you will have paid them well over the going rate. Our advice is for you to think very carefully about sort of guarantee claims before you part with any of your money.
The driving instructors at Preston Driving School are guaranteed to be full time professional driving instructors who give 100% effort on every lesson to train you to the best of their ability. That is the best guarantee you can get in this industry !!!!!

Are all your training cars dual controlled ?
Yes, we only use the latest model training cars that are all fitted with dual controls for your safety along with air conditioning and power assisted steering for ease of driving.

What car will I use for my driving test ?
You will take your test in the same car that you have had for your driving lessons in Preston, in fact once you have been allocated to a Preston driving instructor you will stay with that driving instructor and the car all the way through training. Only in circumstances beyond our control such as illness or renewing of vehicle etc will this be any different.

Can you give me help with my theory training ?
Yes all of our driving instructors at Preston Driving School can assist you with help and guidance as to how to study and direct you to appropriate online theory training aids. 

Do examiners have to fail a certain number of candidates each week ?
No there are no limits to pass rates, as long as you are good enough you will pass. You should remember that it is you that fails your test not the examiner. At the beginning of your test you have a clean sheet and it is up to you to keep it clean.

How much is a theory test?
At the moment sitting a theory test will cost you £23

What is the DVSA driving test fee?
The DVSA driving test fee is currently £62 through the week or £75 at weekends.

Can you help me I am just looking for cheap driving lessons ?
So are thousands like you !!!
It always very puzzling how many parents ring up for driving lessons for their sons or daughters and cheap are you ? All parents should good are you? Because I want the best driver training possible for my son or daughter. Just think carefully about things...If you need to buy a new washing machine or TV would you really go out and buy a cheap second hand one that would most likely go wrong?...However when it comes to booking driving lessons for the most loved and treasured person in your life do you want to skimp on driving lessons to save just a few pounds. Please remember that learning to drive properly and safely should be your number one priority. Learning properly could save your son or daughters life one day...but learning to drive on the cheap or skimping on lessons unfortunately could end up as your worst ever nightmare!!!!

Your instructor will help you with everything