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5 Star review for our instructor Riz

Chris Iddon from Preston
Passed February 25th 2022

Riz was my instructor and I could not recommend him enough. From the very first lesson until the day I passed he gave me all the tools I needed to pass my test with few minors. I could not thank Riz enough for his patience and the knowledge he imparted to me, he made me feel completely relaxed and confident with my driving which is what enabled me to get a pass. Riz is a great instructor because he is firm with his teaching and knows how to get the best performance out of you as a student but he is also very friendly and able to banter with you, which created a really good environment for me to learn and develop as a driver to the point that I am at now, even to the point that after I passed I was quite sad that I would not be able to have any more lessons, as they were often the highlight of my day thanks to the dynamic that Riz creates with his students. His ability to make the learning feel fun and cover a wide range of things within a lesson is great because every lesson felt important and like I was learning something new. In addition Riz was always able to fit me in to his busy schedule despite me also having a busy schedule myself, showing how he cares about his students and will do whatever he can to get as much learning in as possible, and the extra support Riz offered me in the run up to my test was a big part of what gave me so much confidence on the day of my test. I would 100% recommend Riz to anybody who is looking to learn how to drive, because he can make a good, safe driver out of anybody.

Chris Iddon from Preston


5 Star review for our instructor Howard

Mathew Postings from Preston
Passed 1st time 21st February 2022

I would highly recommend Preston Driving School for driving lessons.

I passed my driving test FIRST TIME and with ZERO FAULTS and it is all due to the excellent teaching from my instructor Howard.

From being a complete beginner at the start of training and then working right up to me feeling very comfortable and happy in my driving, the learning process was made very enjoyable and comfortable.

Howard is very friendly, fun and professional, he always arrives on time and does everything possible to help make you the best driver possible and not just doing the minimum required to pass the driving test.

I couldn’t recommend Howard more highly!

From Matthew Postings (Preston)


5 Star review for our instructor James

Sibin from Preston
Passed 10th February 2022

I passed my test without any faults at all (a complete clean sheet) because of the help from my instructor James. He is amazing, professional and friendly. Thank you very much James from Preston Driving School.

5 Star review for our instructor Riz

Katie Lewis from Lea, Preston
Passed on Wednesday 5th January 2022

I had Riz as my instructor who was amazing

and I cant thank him enough for him getting

me to pass with very few minors.

From the very first lesson, I knew I had made

the right choice as he made me feel so relaxed

and at ease and he feels like a friend as well

as an instructor.  He has so much patience and

each lesson I could feel myself becoming

more confident than the last as we covered the

areas I was most weak in.  His lessons are always

varied and enjoyable and you always end them

feeling on a high! Riz is a big believer in learning

while on the move which is definitely the best way!

On the day of my test Riz suffered a family

bereavement but still showed up on the day as he

didn't want to let me down! He was always super

flexible about scheduling in our lessons and in the

run up to my test gave me extra lessons until I felt

confident going into my test on the day.

I would recommend Riz to anyone who is looking

for an instructor, he is a great teacher and he will

teach you to be a very good, safe driver.

Katie :)

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5 Star review for our instructor Riz

Raunak Matmari from Fulwood, Preston
28th Dec 2021

Hello, just leaving a review for Riz.
Without Riz’s help and support there is no way i would’ve passed first time. He took time out of his days off, he made special arrangements to give a lesson at both early mornings and late nights, and was an incredible instructor from the first lesson. 
He was highly patient and supportive, and from the very first lesson he made a point of ‘teaching on the move’, making me drive constantly and honing my skills and techniques. He’s incredibly sound and easy to talk to, making me feel at ease during lessons and being able to have a laugh but also being firm but fair when needed. Riz knows how to teach very well, and couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. Was an absolute pleasure to be taught by Riz and he will be the first person i ask if i have any queries and whoever is taught by him will have the best instructor around.

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5 Star review for our instructor James

I would like to leave a review for your instructor James
Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to James
for teaching me to become a better, confident and safe driver.
* He's professional
* Always answers loads of my not-so-bright questions.
* Friendly (always had a good chat and a laugh)
* Lessons with James was a real pleasure
* Can't recommend him enough
* Easily a 10/10
Thank you

5 Star review for our instructor Riz

5 Star Review for our instructor Riz

5 Star Review for our instructor Howard

5 Stars For My Instructor Riz


I’d just like to thank my instructor Riz from Preston Driving School for helping me pass my driving test.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had a few driving instructors from other driving schools and in terms of knowledge, lesson structure and professionalism Riz was the only one that ticked ever box and properly taught me how to drive.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to become a good safe driver!
thanks again Riz


From Ceejay

  Posted by James Bennett
James Bennett leaving a review for my instructor Emma
Today I passed my test FIRST TIME with a minimum fault, all down to the teaching of Emma. Emma was always patient with me and giving me good ways to learn all the different terminology's which I needed and also she was so friendly, I recommend her to anyone wishing to learn how to drive.


  Posted by Katie OBrien from Ribchester

Hello! Just leaving a review for my instructor Riz :) 

I applied to Preston Driving School for driving lessons and I was assigned to the lovely Riz as my driving instructor, and what can I say, from my first lesson he showed me nothing but kindness, patience and the best teaching I could ever get. I don’t think I’d have got this far and passed my test if it wasn’t for his confidence in me. I highly recommend Riz and a HUGE thank you to him and I wish you all the best for the future. 

Katie OBrien from Ribchester


Review Star Rating       Posted by Nicki from Fulwood 

I came across Preston Driving School when searching for lessons for my son. We were immediately put in touch with Howard. A first lesson was booked and everything went great!  Son very comfortable and got on great with Howard. He was really enjoying lessons and learning to drive then Covid hit! So lessons postponed ?? However when they did resume my son continued lessons once again with Howard. 
It was difficult to book a test for both theory and practical however Howard kept me well informed of dates to log on for tests. He also gave both my son and myself regular feed back regarding his progress. Howard is very calm, easy to talk too, helpful and turned up to each lesson on time. Pleased to say my son passed first time!  :)
I would not hesitate to recommend Howard and would ask for him again if I was booking lessons!
Thank you for your support!
Nicki from Fulwood


Review Star Rating         Posted by Kane Froggatt from Preston 

I passed first time today and had Howard as my instructor from Preston Driving School. He's a very nice guy who is always on time, works around your schedule and makes you feel comfortable whilst driving. He corrected any mistakes I had in a helpful manner to ensure I had learnt how to do it correctly the next time round. Me and Howard had 'banter' about the football too so it helped me to settle in to driving the car especially when it was coming up to my test, he made me feel relaxed and confident in myself. On test day he did this ensuring I wasn't too nervous or doubting my driving. I would 100% recommend Howard, great instructor from a great driving school. Thanks again to Howard. 
Kane Froggatt from Preston


Review Star Rating     Posted by Naveed Butt from Preston 

I would like to thank Howard from Preston Driving School for helping me to pass my driving test first time! He's a brilliant guy who always turns up to lessons on time and with a welcoming smile and attitude. He has a calm approach and helps you correct mistakes in a helpful manner. The fact I passed first time shows he's a fantastic instructor. Thanks Howard!
Naveed Butt from Preston


Review Star Rating    Posted by Thirza from Ashton

I was taught by Idris and he was my 5th instructor! He was amazing and today I passed my practical test first time. He made me feel very relaxed and safe with his knowledge! I definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic car! 

Review Star Rating     Posted by Jade from Preston  

Howard from Preston Driving School is an organised, helpful, efficient and an overall professional driving instructor who I recommend without reservation.
Thank you Howard and Preston Driving School.
Jade from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Rebecca from Preston 

I had Howard from Preston Driving School as my driving instructor and he was hands down the best choice. He was so calm and efficient and he works with your routine, which helps immensely. I can say I passed first time and for  anyone wanting to start driving I would honestly recommend Howard or just the company in general as they clearly employ the best instructors. 
Rebecca from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Matthew Whittle from Preston 

Restarted driving lessons after a long period with no driving. Fortunate to get Mike, who was immediately calm, reassuring and a great coach. Made lessons, which I was somewhat anxious about initially, fun and actually quite relaxing. 
Mike helped me to pass first time with no issues at all and is an extremely nice guy to boot. He helped turn what was potentially a dreadful elongated process into a pleasurable and straightforward task. Much recommended. 
Thanks again. 
Mathew Whittle from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Kaitlyn Burke from Preston 

A huge thank you to Mike from Preston Driving School who helped me towards passing my test first time. He's an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He's a pleasure to be around and makes every lesson enjoyable.
Kaitlyn Burke from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Jordan Cassin from Liverpool 

Started taking lessons during Uni and didn't get along with a previous instructor from a different school. Would like to say Howard from Preston Driving School was a god-send. Patient, helpful and understanding, what more could you want? He sees everything as well, any little thing that could do with some improvement, he will notice it and help you understand how to do it properly, whatever it may be. Felt very comfortable in the car with him. Takes pride in his work and is always wanting to help. I cannot recommend enough. Give Howard a call and take his i30 for a spin ;)
Jordan from Liverpool


Review Star Rating   Posted by Aazim Miah from Preston 

I would like to say thank you very much to my instructor Howard, who is an impeccable driving instructor. Thanks to him I managed to pass my driving test today on the First Time with only one fault. Thank you again.
Aazim from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Lloyd Tomlinson from Preston 

Past first time today and as you would expect I’m delighted with the result. Howard my instructor was fantastic and helped me complete my aim of passing before the end of summer! Would highly recommend Preston Driving School
Thanks again.


Review Star Rating   Posted by Courtney Weller from Preston 

Passed my test today, FIRST TIME! That wouldn't have been possible without Howard who excels in his role as a driving instructor. 
He has the patience of a saint. There were always things that could be improved on in my driving and he always went above and beyond to make sure those errors were brushed up, and we went over and over them, getting the practice in to rectify them. He should be congratulated for all his hard work and efforts to making me the best possible driver that I can be. I will recommend Howard and his Hyundai to anyone ;) 
What an all-round amazing instructor! 


Review Star Rating   Posted by Glen Jones from Preston

I would like to say a massive thank you to Preston Driving School and especially to my instructor Howard for guiding me to a FIRST TIME pass. Great reassuring instructor and the patience of a Saint
Glen Jones from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Jake from Preston 

Just passed my test with 0 faults and I can say it was only possible because of my instructor Shabana, she is a very calm and understanding instructor and I could not recommend her enough. Before taking lessons I was nervous and Shabana made everything 10 times more relaxing instantly. 10/10 service :)



Review Star Rating   Posted by Lucy from Preston 

Previously learnt how to drive with a driving school in Manchester and failed my test 3 times. Then I came up to Preston for university and within three months of driving I passed my test! Massive shout out to my instructor  Howard from Preston Driving School as he helped me build my confidence again and gave me the courage to not give up! Would highly recommend to anyone!
Lucy from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by James Cragg 

Thank you! for Mike helping me work my way to passing my test first time ! I would recommend him to anyone ! He is a great instructor, Thank you again James Cragg


Review Star Rating   Posted by Lucy from Manchester/ Preston 

Previously took lessons in Manchester, failed my test three times. I used Preston Driving School and passed within three months. Massive shout out to Howard, he gave me confidence, motivation and the courage to re- take my driving test and I passed with flying colours. Highly recommend him!


Review Star Rating     Posted by Lucy Fraser

I previously took lessons in Manchester and failed my test three times. Then I used Preston Driving School and passed within three months. Massive shout out to my instructor Howard, he gave me confidence, motivation and the courage to re-take my driving test and I passed with flying colours. Highly recommend him!
Lucy Frazer


Review Star Rating   Posted by Humairaa Asmal 

Passed my driving test with Ann. So glad I changed to Preston Driving School when I did. She moulded me into a safe driver with so much patience and kindness. Fantastic instructor. Would recommend her to anyone!
Thank you so much.
Humairaa from Preston


Review Star Rating   Posted by Natasha W from Preston

Passed first time and I had the pleasure of being taught by Emma. I can't recommend her enough. She is so patient, professional and an amazing teacher! If you are looking for someone to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable, then Emma is definitely the teacher to have. 
Natasha from Preston