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In the UK hundreds of people take their driving tests every day and as long as you are well prepared and can drive safely there should be nothing for you to worry about. At some point when learning with us your driving instructor in Preston Driving School will take you to the test centre in Preston so that you can familiarise yourself with the car park and various test procedures. In our experience we have always found that the driving examiners at Preston Driving Test Centre are very professional and friendly, in fact over the past 30 years we have had quite a few driving instructors in Preston Driving School that have gone on to become examiners and work at the local test Centre


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* You must pass a theory test before you can apply for a driving test.
* Do not present yourself for a test until you can drive competently and safely.
* Take your driving instructors advice about when to apply for a test.
* Driving tests usually last about 40 to 45 minutes.
* You must take your driving licence with you on test.
* At your request your driving instructor can accompany you on test.
* You will be asked to read and sign a simple declaration.
* You will be asked to read a car number plate at the required distance.
* You may be asked to open up and secure your car bonnet.
* You will be asked to answer a mechanical knowledge question.
* The examiner will explain how he/she will conduct the test.
* You will be required to drive safely and without any help.
* The driving examiner will give you very clear route directions.
* You will normally be asked to perform one of the control manoeuvres.
* Manoeuvres are, parallel park, bay park, park on right and reverse back 2 car lengths.
* You may be asked to perform a quick controlled stop, often called an emergency stop.
* Listen carefully to your examiners instructions, tell them if you do not understand.
* If you make a mistake try and rectify it safely then get on with driving safely.
* Do not be worried if your examiner keeps quiet, they do not want to put you off.
* At a T Junction if you can't see enough just creep slowly forward to improve your view.
* Try not to anticipate what your examiner is thinking, just concentrate on your driving.
* You will be asked to follow route directions known as independent driving including Sat Nav.
* Return back to the centre car park very slowly and park/reverse safely in a parking bay.
* Your examiner will give you the result of your test along with a short debrief.
* Your driving examiner will ask if you would like your instructor to listen in to any debrief.
* Your examiner will not engage in long explanations with either you or your instructor.
* If you are successful that is great but please remember there is still a lot more to learn.
* If you are unsuccessful then you will need to rectify things by continuing your lessons.
* After passing just ask your instructor about the Pass Plus Scheme or Motorway Training.


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